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People's people's Congress

Le 9 janvier 2018, 07:49 dans Humeurs 0

People's people's Congress: the tax rate of environmental tax is 2 to 4 times as high as that of enterprises.

"She fears that the tax levy may not be expected, and I think the expropriation of environmental taxes will bring a little burden to the enterprise." During the holiday of new year's day, Zhang Hai and Liang Hong, the couple, argued several times because of the issue of environmental protection tax. Liang Hong is engaged in the study of environmental tax law, and Zhang Hai is in a large textile industry. On the issue of environmental tax, the two husband and wife have different positions.


From January 1st this year, the "environmental protection tax law of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as "environmental tax") was officially launched. The environmental tax of the landing is clear: the enterprises and institutions that directly discharge pollutants to the environment and other producers and operators are the taxpayers of the environmental protection tax, and the differential tax is imposed according to the pollutant discharge concentration, that is, multiple emissions and more taxes.


The translation of environmental taxes has undertaken nearly 40 years' historical sewage charges. It is a strong support for green development and ecological civilization construction, and China's tax revenue has increased to 19. The Central University of Finance and Economics research team predicted that the scale of environmental tax would be much more than the current discharge fee, or 50 billion yuan a year.


But this 50 billion yuan charge up, is still a question mark: the need for co-operation between the tax department and the Department of the environment, to ensure the accuracy of enterprise reporting, if the improper matching, will become the "green taxes landing obstacles". Shen Hongtao, a member of the environmental accounting Specialized Committee of the China Accounting Society and a professor in the Department of accounting of Jinan University, said in an interview with the reporters of the times.


Environmental tax on the first quarter of the first quarter, the first quarter is less than 100 days.


A dispute between business owners and environmental experts


Like Zhang Hai, He Yongjian's New Year holiday was unpleasant. How old is 50 years, with nearly 60 acres of farmland in Guangdong Sihui, backyard chicken farm products.


"As the environmental tax comes, the farm really doesn't make money." In an interview with the reporters of the times, He Yongjian was worried. According to the introduction, his chicken farm is three times a year, about 3000 each time.  According to a "chicken" 2.5-3 heavy burden calculation, the cost of feeding in 20 yuan. According to the calculation of the wholesale price of 16 yuan per catty, a chicken profit in 20 yuan, after deducting labor and fees, net profit of farms in about 120 thousand yuan a year.


Since January 1, 2018, the amount of air pollution per environmental equivalent has been raised from 1.2 yuan to 1.8 yuan in Guangdong, and the amount of environmental tax has been raised from 1.4 yuan to 2.8 yuan per pollutant equivalent. He Yongjian's annual environmental tax is up from 3500 yuan to 15 thousand yuan - an average of more than 1 yuan per chicken.


In fact, the tax standards for environmental protection implemented in Guangdong are at a medium level in all parts of the country, only slightly higher than the national standards. In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hubei, and other places, the standard of Taxation reached 2-8 times that of Guangdong. If the average is 5 times in Guangdong calculation, keep a 120 day chicken slaughter in these places, the environmental tax levy will be more than 5 yuan.


"If the cost is increased by 5 yuan, I'll be out of the market." Zhang Yongjian told Times reporters that environmental taxes made him feel a bit anxious about the long - digit profits of the breeding industry.


In the face of old anxiety, Wang Ke fellow at the Renmin University of China and the Institute for national strategic development of the weekly Times reporter said, "although the industry facing cost pressures in the environmental tax levy, but still can not be excluded in the environmental tax levy scope". Wang Ke emphasized that the purpose of environmental protection is to levy taxes on highly polluting enterprises, so as to protect the environment. Taxation is conducive to the reduction of pollutant emissions for heavily polluted aquaculture industry.


But at the same time, he also pointed out that the local government should give proper help to the aquaculture industry and avoid the difficulties of the whole industry. "The government can consider establishing a centralized disposal center for pollutants and reduce the cost of pollutant discharge".


The impact is not just the first industry. Environmental tax clearly pointed out: enterprises and institutions discharging directly to the environment, water, solid and noise of the four taxable pollutants and other production operators need to pay the environmental tax, this category includes most of the manufacturing industry and more polluting industry, involving electricity, iron and steel, cement fire, electrolytic aluminum, coal, metallurgy building materials, textile, brewing, and other dozens of polluting industries or iron and steel plant, metallurgical plant, chemical plant, paint factory "emitters". After the implementation of the environmental tax, the tax expenditure will be promoted in varying degrees. Throughout the country, the number of enterprises involved will exceed 5 million.


But even in the case of Ma Zhong, director of the academic committee of Environmental College of Renmin University of China, even though raising the environmental tax and fee standard, it still can't reach the same cost as other elements. "We have done an empirical analysis of sewage discharge fees, and found that on the basis of the current tax rate, it will increase by 2-4 times, which is within the scope of the enterprise and the national economy." In the interview with Caixin, Ma Zhong was very straightforward. "When it comes to the affordability of enterprises, we cannot simply look at the environmental cost. We must compare the cost of labor, technology, land, energy and so on. You will find that the various costs of an enterprise, the smallest is the environment. Some enterprises come to the edge of the loss, the last straw into the environment on the head. But how do labor, technology and energy cost come up and how to do it? It is because the cost is averaging for a long time, and the environment is not cost or low.

MIT refused to fly, want to build a million people in the community on Mars

Le 7 novembre 2017, 05:30 dans Humeurs 0

All said "time is leisurely", but in the face of the examinees and parents in the eyes of the exam, the time is not "leisurely" but a flash. The rest of the rest of the time is only 2 months, how to effectively improve the child's score in the limited time? It is the last we are most concerned about the issue, today to share a few tips to win the champion senior high school entrance examination, "modaobuwukanchaigong," with your child to stop, cbbc see the five minutes to make a turnaround for senior high school entrance examination.


One, Xie Bowen (Fuzhou City No. 1)


Confidence is more important than anything


Xie Bowen's motto is "try it, struggle can always win". "Try to fight" is a positive attitude of participation, is the courage to struggle, not afraid of failure, dare to win the spirit of the state, is a positive attitude of the challenge. Xie Bowen said: he was not afraid of exams, he could find his problems, and he was not afraid of the "gold where it could shine".


Two, Zhang Heqian (Tianjin City No. 1)


High efficiency is the real effort


Speaking of his learning methods, Zhang Heqian concluded, "I particularly appreciate the word efficiency. High efficiency, in my opinion, is the effort. " High efficiency does not mean learning every moment, but how much do you have to learn? She will not be blind to grasp the time in the study, when she is not efficient, she will listen to the song on the desk rest, and then study. You can learn something every minute of your study. To do what you don't do is to remember that you are easily confused, memory and reminder to combine, memorizing and memorizing many ways of associating memory.


Three, Yue Ling (Wuhan City No. 1)


1 minutes in class is equal to 1 hours after class


Mathematics is all the most annoying and the most important. Yue Ling had a full score. In the years of junior high school, Yue Ling almost took the first place in the class. When it comes to learning methods, her secret is "good class, good listening, training under the class, but if you don't listen to your lectures carefully, you will have a little knowledge and do more questions in class.PartnerNet is a Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) trade website providing news on Hong Kong tourism website and connecting you with trade partners around the world." 1 minutes in class is equal to 1 hours after class.


Four, Xu Yuanrui (Guangzhou City juxtaposition of the top exam)


The whole frame of learning will not be in the mind.


She didn't have a tutorial class in her junior middle school for three years, and her parents almost failed to guide her learning. Asking her methods of learning, she believed that she had a great effect on making a plan to grasp the overall context of the subject. "Lack of plan, learning will not be a lack of a overall grasp." In addition, to seize all the trivial time is also the magic weapon for her winning. During the 10 minute break, she will use to memorize fragmented knowledge. When the dining room queue up, it will memorize words. But she thinks the moderate relaxation is also essential, because the school boarding, a week can only return to a home, each time on the road to an hour, this time, compared to the endorsement, she tends to chat with my classmates, "on the road to read head is dizzy".


Five, He Yingying (Guangzhou City juxtaposition of the top exam)


Draw up a study plan to complete a tick


She has a habit of making a plan, making a list of things to do every day. The teacher in charge of the class introduced that He Ying Ying had strong reading ability. The score of Chinese in the middle school entrance examination is 144 points, polyu exchange offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation.which is inseparable from her reading ability. Almost all her reading can get full marks in the usual Chinese exam. "I have the habit of reading is to read the article and then look at the subject, in the process of reading will punctuate annotate sketch." He Yingying said that looking at the subject before reading will affect the overall grasp of the article. In the course of Chinese learning, Yingying pays much attention to the accumulation of Chinese material, "I have a special book to accumulate material." Besides, her most relaxed subject is English, because she usually likes to see British dramas and American dramas. Some foreign short stories will try to read the original works after looking at Chinese. In addition to the usual class, you will learn the new concept of English.


Six, Zhao Yuqing (Shenzhen City Center)


The way environment is important


Every time Zhao Yuqing starts school, he will draw up a detailed learning plan, including every major plan of the semester, and a small plan of learning content everyday. The main contents of the plan refer to the teacher's lecture arrangement and process, and also make some adjustments according to their own situation and teaching situation. In addition, the good learning atmosphere of the school also has a positive effect on Zhao Yuqing. It is reported that Zhao Yuqing and four female students in the dormitory in the middle of the exam have achieved more than 440 points of good results. "The roommates will encourage each other and see other students reviewing their lessons when I rest, and I will also bring my spirit into my study." Her teacher said so: Zhao Yuqing's character is calm but not depressed, concentrating, working hard and paying attention to details. She has her own way of learning, which will help her in the exam.

Indoor Aloe Vera okay?

Le 9 août 2017, 10:43 dans Humeurs 0

Unlike Narcissus and aloe juice on Scindapsus aureus, with toxicity, so many parents are love will keep aloe in the living room, bedroom, do not only harmless to the human body,There's excellent quality vaporizer cartridge wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now. there are many benefits.


Clean air. Aloe Vera is known as "air purification expert", absorbing formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, such as a bowl of aloe can eliminate 90% formaldehyde in the air of a square meter! Therefore, it is beneficial to purify the living environment.


Decoration environment. Aloe leaves are slender and juicy, and have certain ornamental value. Keeping indoors can beautify the living environment, and make people feel the indoor environment more quiet.


For beauty. Aloe Vera contains aloe gel, which is rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, etc., can be used to acne, beauty, but allergic skin should be used carefully.


So, keep aloe benefits, but parents usually should also pay attention to aloe changes, if aloe leaf spots, indicating the indoor harmful gas at a high level, it should take relevant measures to prevent the harmful gas rapidly, cause harm to human body.

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